Mass Email: Workflow

See Mass Email (Advertising) Setup.

Follow these steps when sending a mass email message to patients.

  1. In Open Dental, go to Tools, Advertising - Mass Email.
  2. Verify the sender address.
  3. Select the email template to send. To add or edit a template first, see Mass Email Templates.
  4. Click Select Patients to choose the list of patients to send to.
  5. The Advertising - Select Patients window will open. Use a user query or the filters to generate a list of patients.
  6. Review the list and determine which patients to send to.
    • Highlight specific patients and click Set Selected.
    • Or click Set All to select all patients.
    • Only patients with an X in the Send column will be included.

    • Before emails are sent, patient email addresses are checked to ensure they are valid. Invalid emails will fail; however, the email is still commlogged on the patient's account.
    • If two or more patients share an email address (e.g. family members) only one email is sent. If the guarantor is selected, the email is commlogged on the guarantor account. If the guarantor is not selected, the email is commlogged on whichever patient was entered into the database first (i.e. has the lowest patient number).

  7. Click OK to return to the Sending Mass Email window.

  8. Review the template with patient data. Select a patient and check Display preview with patient data. This helps view the email as a patient would see it.

    The preview does not include the unsubscribe and spam statements below, but they are included in the final email. These are required and cannot be turned off. If a patient unsubscribes, any future mass emails sent will fail.

  9. Click Send.

  10. Click Yes to confirm the number of patients to send to.
  11. A test email will be sent to your email address. Review the email in detail. Once done, return to this prompt and click Yes.

    Note: Some email clients may automatically mark the test email as spam. While the test email is marked as spam (and may be located in the spam folder), the official email to patients will send to their normal inbox.

  12. A final prompt will display confirming the email was sent. Click OK to finish.