Enabling Legacy eRx / Identity Proofing

This page describes the general steps for enabling Legacy eRx and completing identity proofing (IDP). See Basic vs Comprehensive Legacy eRx for feature comparisons. Contact Open Dental support so a technician can walk you through the process.The provider must be present during the call and should allocate ~30 minutes of uninterrupted time.

It will take approximately two business days to approve credentials. Have the following documentation ready.

In general, the following steps will occur.

  1. Enable Legacy eRx for the provider in Open Dental and acknowledge fees.
  2. Contact Open Dental support to activate Legacy eRx. The technician will also walk the provider through IDP with Verizon UIS.
    • Provider will enter personal contact information.
    • Provider will set up at least two methods of receiving one time passcodes (OTP) (e.g. via text messages, voice calls, an app, etc).
    • Provider will set up a Verizon UIS password and user name. It is illegal for anyone other than the provider to know the Verizon user name or password.
    • Provider will prove identity using public information only they should know.
  3. Provider will further confirm identity by submitting credentials. See Legacy eRx Credentialing.

We recommend updating to the most recent build of the stable version of Open Dental.

Enabling Legacy eRx for the provider in Open Dental and acknowledging fees

This must be done by someone with the Edit Provider security permission.

  1. In the Main Menu, click Lists, Providers. Double click the provider to open the Provider.
  2. Check the Use Electronic Prescriptions box.
  3. Click OK. A confirmation message will show.
  4. Click Yes to acknowledge Legacy eRx fees and continue.
  5. In the Chart Module, click eRx to create your Legacy eRx Account ID. You will receive a message that IDP must be completed. Click OK to close.

Identity Proofing (IDP)

Every provider must complete IDP to electronically transmit prescriptions. It is required by Surescripts, the electronic pharmacy network, and done through Verizon's Universal Identity Service (UIS), which is a separate division from mobile phones. There is an additional one-time IDP fee that will be automatically added to the provider's next statement.

Please allow up to 30 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete the process.

Below are the general steps you will complete with the help of an Open Dental support technician.

  1. Open the Verizon UIS interface.
  2. Enter provider's personal contact information. Click Next when done.
    • Email: Enter an address that is not shared with anyone else in the practice. Each provider can only use one email address. This email will now be associated with the Verizon UIS account; remember it.
    • Phone: Enter at least two numbers that will be used as options for receiving one-time passcodes. We recommend entering a cell phone for text and/or voice messages and a land line as a backup for a voice call. Email is not allowed as an option.

    The HealthCare Info tab will not show because licensing information is already entered in Open Dental.

  3. Create a Verizon UIS user name (cannot be changed), password, and pin, then click Next. Remember this user name and password as the Verizon UIS credentials. They need to be reentered to receive one-time passcodes and when signing up for EPCS (optional). Do not share it; federal law states the provider is responsible for misuse.
  4. Select and enter security questions. Click Next.
  5. Click the check box next to at least two contact methods/devices that will be used to receive 6-digit, one-time passcodes (for authentication). The options available depend on the phone numbers entered in step 2.
    • Text message to a mobile phone number (recommended)
    • Voice call to a direct phone line (recommended as a backup)
    • An application for smart phone, tablet or other devices (not recommended for single time use). Click Setup then choose the application. When prompted enter the Verizon UIS activation code. If using an iPhone, see 'Workaround for iPhone App' at the bottom of this page.
  6. For each device/method selected, click Yes. The provider will receive a text message, phone call, or notification that includes a one-time passcode. Enter it when prompted and click OK. A check mark will confirm your selections. Click Next.
    Note: It is critical that you set up at least two methods of receiving a passcode. If the passcode cannot be received, the account will become invalid.

  7. Enter the last four digits of social security number and date of birth. When you click Next the provider will have only 2 minutes to answer 5 personal questions that confirm provider identity.
  8. Answer the identity verification questions. You only have two minutes.
  9. If the provider's vetting level is determined to be high, the Safe BioPharma page will open. The certificate is a page of random characters that provide an unbreakable encryption method. Enter the Verizon UIS password and click Next.
  10. The Subscriber Agreement message will show. Click Sign to sign the certificate if you agree to the terms.

Once the certificate is approved, you will receive an email. The approval usually takes less than 30 minutes once the agreement is signed. Proceed to Submitting Credentials to complete the IDP process.

Note: If the vetting level is determined to be medium, follow the steps on-screen to submit a notarized attestation form to Verizon UIS at 1-800-701-9814 (fax). This will increase processing time by 24 hours.


This process entails credentials to further confirm provider identity. Once finalized, you can begin using Legacy eRx and sign up for EPCS (Legacy eRx EPCS Setup).


Fobs are a device option for receiving one time passcodes. To obtain a fob, email providerverification@newcroprx.com. Identify yourself as an Open Dental provider going through IDP who needs a fob. It will be sent priority mail for a $35 fee.