Troubleshooting the Kiosk

Below are problems/solutions that users have encountered while using the Kiosk.

Problem: When using a Windows 8 Surface Pro Tablet as a kiosk, sometimes the on-screen touch keyboard does not automatically popup when a user clicks in an input field.

Solution: Follow the steps below.

  1. Manually activate the keyboard: Right click on the Taskbar, then select Toolbars, Touch Keyboard.
  2. Download and install AutoIt 3 from
  3. Copy the following code into Notepad and save the file as keyboard.txt. This code will poll the mouse cursor every 750ms to see if the cursor is an i-beam, and if so launches the keyboard (TabTip.exe).

    while 1

    $cursor = MouseGetCursor()

    If $cursor = 5 Then ShellExecute('"C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ink\TabTip.exe"')



  4. Right click on keyboard.txt and open it with AutoIT3.exe (this will run the script).
  5. In the Windows Task Scheduler, Create a Basic Task that is triggered when the computer is turned on and starts the keyboard.txt file.
    1. Open Windows Task Scheduler (Windows 8: You must search for Schedule Tasks)
    2. Select Create Basic Task.
    3. Name the task Keyboard. Select Next
    4. Set the trigger to be When I log on. Select Next.
    5. Select Start a Program. Select Next.
    6. The Program/Script section will be the path to the AutoIT.exe (i.e. C:\Program Files\AutoIT\AutoIT.exe). In the Arguments (Optional) section, enter the path to keyboard.txt file (e.g. C:\Users\Your_Username\Desktop\keyboard.txt). Select Next.
    7. Select Finish.
  6. Open the task again. Under the Conditions tab, deselect the checkbox for Start the task only if computer is on AC power. Click OK.

Test by logging off of your local user and logging back in.

Whenever you position the cursor in a text box, the keyboard will now pop up. The keyboard will not auto-hide, but if you close the keyboard (X), it will disappear. The kiosk will no longer fill the entire screen, leaving the Windows taskbar at the bottom with the keyboard shortcut at the right.