Imaging Camera Compatibility

In the Imaging Module, in the Toolbar, click Video.

Any webcam or intraoral camera should be compatible but we have only tested a few.

Capture Button

Intraoral cameras have a button on them for image capture. Most cameras come with driver software that will generate a keyboard button press when the Capture button is pressed. Different dental imaging software products can use different default key inputs. Open Dental uses the "space" key, which is also used by Apixia, Apteryx, Dentimax, EvaSoft, OneView, Sigma, Suni, Vatech ezdent, XDR, and XLDent. There might be a rare camera where it is not possible to map to the space key, so we list specific tested cameras below.


WebCams: Any webcam should work. The one we happened to use for testing was a Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000, but there's nothing special about that model.

ProDent PD740: This is a cheap intraoral camera manufactured in China and available online. There are many different brands and models that would all be expected to work, including Daryou. Open Dental is not listed among the many compatible software products simply because this feature is new in Open Dental. In fact, Open Dental is listed as incompatible, but that is wrong and we are contacting the sellers to get that changed. To make the capture button work, install their ProDent Capture software from When configuring that software, you need to pick from a list of software names. Pick XDR which uses the space key just like us.

CariVu: caries detector camera.


MD740: There is a complaint from one customer that the live video has a 3 second lag.

Known Incompatible