At the top of the Imaging Module are four buttons for scanning forms, letters, documents, photos, and radiographs into a patient's record.

To set default options for scanning, see Imaging Quality. In the instructions below, we assume that the options Show Select Scanner Window and Show Scanner Options Window are selected.

Scan Document: Use the flatbed scanner of your attached device to scan a single page document. File will be saved as a JPG.

Scan Multi-Page Document: Use the automatic document feeder (ADF) of your attached device to scan multiple pages. Adobe Reader must be installed. File will be saved as a PDF.

Scan Radiograph: Select when you are scanning a radiograph. The pixel windowing settings set in Image Setup will be used as the default.

Scan Photo: Scan a photo.

Note: Scanned images are loaded on the clipboard and can then be pasted. This also clears out anything copied to clipboard before scanning.

General Scanning Instructions

  1. Click Scan Document or Scan Multi-Page Document. The Select Source window will show.
  2. Select your scanner, then click Select. The Scanner Options window will show.
  3. Choose Custom Settings, then Adjust the quality of the scanned picture to optimize document size and quality.
  4. Select the settings, then click OK.

    Typical Settings:

    • Documents: 150 dpi.
    • Panos: grayscale, 300 dpi.
    • BWs: grayscale, 400 dpi.
    • Photos: color, 300 dpi.

    Some proprietary Scanner Options windows let you pick Grayscale and 150 dpi from the initial Scanner Options window. Automatic document feeder (ADF) settings for Multi-Page Scanning also appear here.

  5. Click Scan, then wait ~10 seconds.
  6. The image will show in the Images module, and the Item Info window will show. Enter a description and select the category this document should be stored under. Then click OK.