Host Multiple Databases from One Web Server

See Advanced Topics.

We do not recommend hosting multiple databases from one web server unless you are very careful and fully understand what is required during updates (see below).

  1. In IIS, create a New Application on the desired web site.
  2. Copy all files from the Open Dental installation directory into the root of the new application.
  3. Edit the OpenDentalServerConfig.xml to point to a different location.

Now users can connect to this new web service and one web server will be hosting both.

Updating With Multiple Middle Tiers: We do not recommend using one web server to host multiple databases because the update process is not automated. Thus, it is easy to have different versions of the middle tier hosted on one server (this might be desired but often times is not).

  1. Before updating the main middle tier, log into every middle tier with Open Dental using their corresponding version (typically all using the same version of Open Dental) and shutdown all workstations.
  2. Upgrade the main middle tier as usual.
  3. Manually copy the Open Dental installation directory over to the root directory of the subsequent middle tiers that need to be updated (except the OpenDentalServerConfig.xml).
  4. Launch Open Dental and connect to each subsequent database associated to the middle tiers that need to be updated so that their databases are converted to the correct version (each middle tier should be pointing to a different database).
  5. Each subsequent database will need to have its Update Files recopied after the upgrade so that workstations can get to the correct version. To do this, go to Help, Update, Setup, Recopy on every single middle tier database.