Email Inbox Window

In the Manage Module, click Email Inbox.

Below is a description of each field on the window.

Setup: Access Email Setup for practice/clinic/group setup.

View Messages for address: Lists all mail addresses the user can view messages for. Click the dropdown to select a different address.

Inbox / Sent Messages: Inbox lists all messages received by the selected address. Sent Messages lists all messages sent by the selected address from Open Dental. Highlight a message to preview the text in the lower portion of the window. Double click a message to open it in a new window.

Inbox columns: Click a column header to sort the messages alphabetically in ascending or descending order.

Sent Messages columns: The columns are the same as the Inbox, except for the following:


Search: Search for messages that meet certain criteria.

Patient: Search by attached patient. Click [...] to select the patient.Email Address: Show messages received from or sent to an email address.

Date From/To: Show messages sent or received during a date range (DD/MM/YY).

Subject/Body: Show messages that have specific characters in the subject or body text.

Only include messages with attachments: Check to only list messages that have an attachment. Uncheck to ignore this criteria.

Computer Name Where New Email is Received: The name of the computer that can download new incoming emails from the mail server to the inbox. Set this computer in General Email Settings.

This Computer Name: The name of the current computer.

Delete: Delete email messages from the inbox. The email will not be deleted from the email server, however it will not download again.

Show Email In: Select where an individual email will show or not show. To show the email in an area, highlight it. To hide the email in the area, deselect it. By default, all areas are selected. Options include:

Show Hidden Emails: Check this box to show emails that have been hidden in all areas.


See Email Errors.

If using Gmail, all messages will be downloaded, except for spam, trash, and chats. This is a POP3 issue. See This issue would be fixed by using IMAP protocol instead (Feature Request #3276).