eCW Install Workstation

To install Open Dental on a client workstation properly, eClinicalWorks customers need three items.

  1. The Open Dental installation location (where eCW expects to find the OpenDental.exe file). It is almost always "C:\Open Dental\" but can also be something else. If you are unsure of the install location, contact Open Dental.
  2. The Setup.exe file for the current Open Dental version. It is located in the 'Setup Files' subfolder of the shared A to Z Folder used by Open Dental (often \\Server\OpenDentImages\SetupFiles). If you cannot locate the correct setup file, contact Open Dental.
  3. The FreeDentalConfig.xml file from a working computer, located in the install directory (usually C:\Open Dental\FreeDentalConfig.xml).

Once you have the three items, to install Open Dental on a new workstation follow these steps.

  1. On the new workstation, right click on the Setup.exe file and Run as administrator.
  2. Change the installation directory to the directory where eCW expects to find the Open Dental.exe (#1 above.)
  3. Copy the Freedentalconfig.xml file to the Open Dental installation directory.

The new workstation should now be operational.