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Distributor List

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We directly sell, distribute, and support Open Dental ourselves. You do not need to contact any other distributor to obtain the software or support. If you are a potential customer browsing this website, we would prefer that you call us directly rather than calling one of the companies below.

However, Open Dental certainly is being sold and supported by a variety of other companies. The list below includes distributors who package, sell, and support the software themselves. This is allowed and encouraged under the GPL license. We believe that this choice and availability greatly benefit the dental community. If you are already using one of the packages below, you should continue to do so. We are not interested in taking customers from the companies below who worked hard to obtain them. We do sometimes accept customers who are very unhappy, have tried to work things out, and are simply not getting acceptable support.

Here is a list of other distributors that we are aware of.

  • Practice-Web
  • Ashtel
  • Dental-IT
  • Prime Dental
  • Kapricorn
  • Lajenda Technologies
  • Econtek
  • Sakthi Medical Systems
  • Phenom Systems
  • The Digital Dentist
  • HRDSq

For distributors in other countries, see Foreign Countries.

EHR Incentive Program: Certification for EHR is a vendor/product combination, not just a product. CMS dictates that any contract for an EHR purchase must be directly with the vendor. Thus, a certified version of Open Dental can only be purchased directly from Open Dental. Distributors must go through their own certification process with Drummond to achieve certification. If you would like to get a certified product, please directly send Open Dental an EHR purchase request. See EHR License. You will then sign a contract with Open Dental to qualify for the EHR incentive program.

Open Dental Software 1-503-363-5432