Open Dental is designed as a server-based software and may be set up using a local server network or cloud-based server.

There are two options to consider for a cloud-based server:

Option 1: Use Open Dental Cloud, a hosted solution managed by Open Dental Software. See Open Dental Cloud.

Option 2: Set up a cloud hosted server, then connect to an Open Dental server using Middle Tier. See Cloud Hosted Server Setup.
This option requires your IT company to setup and maintain the hosted server. For a list of vendors that provide cloud hosted services or assist with setup, see Vendor Supplemental Services and Products.

If you decide to utilize a cloud service please be aware of the security concerns and restrictions. Setting up a cloud environment requires a good internet connection, a VPN, secure certificates, and a cloud storage server. Ensure that your IT takes all necessary security concerns into consideration.

For local server network set up all of your data is stored locally but can be accessed remotely if needed. For additional information, see the links below: