Open Dental is designed to be used as a server based software. Please utilize the Network and Computer Setup page for guidance on setting up and maintaining your local server network.

Using a local network is beneficial as no internet connection is needed for Open Dental to function. All of your data is stored locally, and can be accessed remotely if needed. See Remote Access for additional information.

Some offices have successfully employed Open Dental on a cloud-based server, however the cloud environment is not supported by Open Dental. Any setup and maintenance must be managed by your IT company.

If you decide to utilize a cloud service please be aware of the security concerns and restrictions. Setting up a cloud environment requires a good internet connection, a VPN, secure certificates, and a cloud storage server. Ensure that your IT takes all necessary security concerns into consideration.

Open Dental is working on Open Dental Cloud. Those interested can find more information here: Open Dental Cloud

For additional cloud hosting information, see the links below: