New Claim

Insurance claims are created after an appointment (and its attached procedures) has been set complete.

In the Account Module toolbar, select a New Claim option:

On the Claim verify the claim information and change if necessary.

Send, print, or save the claim.

Note: When a patient has unearned income, the user will be prompted to allocate unearned income to completed procedures when creating the claim. See Allocate Unearned Income.

Once created, the claim will show in the patient's account under the procedures. To edit, double click it.

  • For information about secondary claims, see Secondary Insurance.
  • If sending a secondary claim using ClaimConnect and NEA Fast Attach, any attachments (e.g. the EOB), need to be uploaded to NEA and documented in Open Dental before sending the claim. See Electronic Attachments.
  • Claim text color is dependent on settings in Definitions: Account Colors.
  • Printing a claim automatically changes its status to sent.

Questions and Answers

In what order are deductibles and annual max applied?

Deductibles and annual max are applied in the order that claims are created, not by procedure date.