Canada Enhancements

Open Dental includes many enhancements specifically for Canada customers, including full CDAnet certification. Because we started out as software optimized for United States customers, there may be additional fields or features that do not apply to Canadian customers. We will continue to clean out the clutter and add enhancements so eventually it becomes a seamless experience.

The list below identifies items that we feel are inferior in the most current Canadian version compared to the USA version. As we become of aware of additional items, we will add them to the list. If you have a request or input, please contact a support technician. We cannot estimate or guarantee when or if improvements will be made.

Planned improvement: When insurance estimates are calculated, the percentage will be applied to the procedure fee and the attached lab fees. For example, if you have a procedure for 100 and a lab for 10 covered at 50%, currently the estimate will show as (100)*50% = 50. After the enhancement, the estimate will show (100+10)*50% = 55.

Production and Payment Reports: Ability to isolate lab fees.

Procedure Code Tools: Use Canada Procedure Code Tools to automatically load default procedure buttons and appt proc quick add buttons for Canada (Definitions: Appt Procs Quick Add). Currently, you can customize appt proc quick add buttons in Definitions. You can also customize Procedure Buttons.

Quick Buttons: The ability to customize Quick Buttons was added in version 14.3.

Fee Guides: Add additional fee guides as they are requested. The fee guide framework is complete and many fee guides (published by province) can already be imported. See Canada Fee Guides.

Carrier Details: Carrier details can be updated in the Carrier List if running iTrans 2.0 and on Open Dental version 18.2.

Fee Guides for Labs: Ability to attach lab fee procedure codes to non-lab procedur codes. There would be a series of about 100 different dummy lab fee codes, each with a different suffix and description. These could be attached to procedure codes. Then, when procedures were added to a chart, the lab fee code and fee would also get added. This may not be feasible. Specific lab fee amounts are not provided in official fee guides.

Develop a French-Canadian language translation for Quebec: Currently Open Dental cannot be used in Quebec due to language requirements. It also does not yet send claims to ACDQ.