Canada Claim Troubleshooting

The following information applies to Canada users.

I'm not able to create an iTrans claim with more than seven procedures.

Create a new claim with the remaining procedures. As per the CDAnet Standard, a claim has a limit of seven procedures.

How do I indicate a preauthorization on a claim form?

On the claim form, there is no official box to indicate Preauthorization. The carrier identifies a claim as a preauthorization when there are no procedure dates. To show the word Preauthorization on a claim, manually add the field ShowPreauthorizationIfPreauth to claim forms (see Claim Forms). Pacific Blue Cross only: Per requirements for PBC certification, the string Predetermination only.\r\n is prepended to claim remarks.

Error when sending an e-claim to primary insurance when patient has secondary insurance with a carrier that is not part of CDAnet.

On the Edit Claim window, clear the Other Coverage information by clicking None.

When I try to send claims, I get the error Cannot send claim until missing data is fixed: Max prosth, Mand prosth.

Make sure your region is set to English (Canada). Open the Control Panel, click Clock, Language, Region. Click Region and Language, and change the Format from English (United States) to English (Canada) using the dropdown. See Region and Language.

The claim is being rejected due to the zip code

Zip codes must be entered in all caps.