Sesame Bridge

This Program Bridge can only be run from 32-bit operating systems, due to the recent changes made to Windows ODBC connections for 64-bit operating systems.


The bridge is currently geared for Open Dental Version 11.0. Download: Date Posted: 05/17/2012. Unzip the four files to C:\OD Sesame Bridge\.

config.xml - This file contains the connection information for an Open Dental database so that the OD Sesame Bridge tool knows which database to pull information from.

Empty Schema File.mdb - An empty Microsoft Access database containing only table structure which is used by OD Sesame Bridge to create a fresh export database each time it is run. - Necessary for connecting to the Open Dental MySQL database.

ODSesameBridge.exe - The file to launch in order to begin exporting data to Sesame.

The export can be canceled part way through by clicking the cancel button. When the export is complete, the window will automatically close. Depending on the size of the Open Dental database, the export process can take tens of minutes. Once the extractor has finished running successfully, a new file named ODSesameExport.mdb will be created in the same directory as the ODSesameBridge.exe file and will contain the export data to be imported into Sesame. Each time this tool is run, the old ODSesameExport.mdb file will be replaced.

One approach to automation would be to use the Windows scheduler to run ODSesameBridge.exe at certain times. Sesame can provide input on when and how often it should be run.