Enhancements to Aging

Also see Aging. As with all feature requests, the ones listed below are not set in stone and there is no possible way to estimate if or when they might be added. The intent is for this to stimulate discussion to help guide future programming. The following changes have been requested for the aging report:

Many of the above requests do not have any votes yet but making the A/R report interactive would provide a good foundation for implementing these requests.

Request #712

Locking history where historical entries would have the appearance of being editable, but what would really be happening in the database would be the addition of more rows. No row would ever be changed or deleted, no matter what permissions the user had. This is the same technique currently used to allow editing of procedure notes, while still keeping a perfect historical record.

Request #719

Change aging behavior. Would follow request #50 above. Because payments would be tied to specific procedures, aging calculations could take advantage of this rather than using FIFO as we do now.