Edit Adjustment

Use the Edit Adjustments window to add a single Adjustment to a patient's account.

To open the window:

Entry Date: The date the adjustment entry was created. It cannot be changed.

Adjustment Date: Typically the same as the entry date. Modifying this date could potentially change historical data.

(procedure date): The date of the procedure attached to this adjustment.

Amount: The amount of the adjustment.

Provider: Defaults to the patient's primary provider. Click the dropdown or [...] to select a different provider (only providers restricted to the users clinic will show) or attach a procedure to inherit the procedure's provider.

Clinic: Defaults to the patient's assigned clinic. Click the drop down or [...] to select a different clinic (only clinics restricted to the user will show) or attach a procedure to inherit the procedure's clinic.

Additions: List of adjustment types that add the adjustment amount to the patient's account balance.

Subtractions: List of adjustment types that subtract the adjustment amount from the patient's account balance (issues a credit).

Procedure: Attach or detach a procedure. Click Attach to view a list of completed procedures or detach to remove an association to a procedure.

Edit Anyway: Allows user to change the provider and clinic. Button is only visible if Enforce Valid Adjustments, Enforce Fully Account Module preference is enabled and the user has the Setup security permission.

Note: Enter any notes about the adjustment. To show these notes on statements, see Manage Module Preferences.

Delete: Remove the adjustment from the patient's account.

OK: Save changes made to this window.

Cancel: Close the window without saving any changes.