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Welcome to Open Dental Software 

Welcome to Open Dental, the complete Practice Management Software used by dentists around the world. Use the information below to get started using the software in your practice. 

CDT Compliance Form
Fill out the CDT Compliance Form and submit to us at your earliest convenience. This is required by the American Dental Association CDT content license.

Business Associate Agreement
If you will be sending PHI to Open Dental for any reason, please be sure to sign and date the Open Dental Business Associate Agreement. We do not sign alternate versions of Business Associate Agreements from customers or other third parties because we do not have the resources to review them. See HIPAA.

When you order the full version, an Open Dental support technician will often update the software on your main computer and perform some minor required setup. If you update on your own, or want to install on individual workstations, refer to the following instructions. 

Getting Started
Network and Computer Setup: Address network and computer requirements and security issues.
Recommendations for setup and use differ depending on whether you have had a Data Conversion or are starting from scratch with a blank database.

If you are participating in the EHR Medicaid or Medicare Incentive Program and have purchased Open Dental EHR functionality and reporting, your next steps depend on your participation year. 

Learning Resources
To help you learn how to use Open Dental, the following resources are available.

Training: The following Training resources are available.

  • Webinars: Free initial training is available at any time via the prerecorded or live Open Dental Webinars.
  • Customized online training: $50 per hour.
  • On-site training is also available: First day $3200, additional days $950. May be reduced based on airline ticket costs, etc.

Note: We require 48 hours notice to schedule customized online training.

User Manual: Completely online and a great resource when learning how to use the software. Access it in Open Dental by clicking Help, Online Help - Contents or Online Help - Index.

Frequently Asked Questions
Quick answers to our customers' most common questions. FAQ

Support is included in the regular monthly fee. Additional services are also available. For a complete list, see Fees for Software, Support, and Training. You have no obligation to continue support once your contract has ended, but please be aware that the Mobile Web, Mobile Synch App, and Web Forms will no longer work. If your practice is outside of the United States, see Foreign Countries for cost and support details.

You may call us by phone or use our chat portal. This support is limited to one or two questions per call, but don't feel badly about calling us repeatedly, especially when you are first starting out. During the course of customer support, Open Dental may be exposed to Protected Health Information (PHI). See HIPAAContact Information.


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