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Manually Send Web Sched Reminders

Web Sched Recall reminders can be emailed or texted manually via the Recall List window. Reminders are always sent to the patient's Authorized Representative.


  • To setup automated Web Sched Recall reminders, see Web Sched Recall Setup.
  • The eConnector must be running for text messages to send successfully.
  • Set default Recall List options in Recall List Setup.
  1. In the Appointments module, click the Appointments List icon, then Recall to generate the Recall List

  1. If needed, change view options to filter the list of recalls due. 
  2. Select the patients who will receive a Web Sched Recall reminder, or select no patients to let Open Dental auto-select patients. If you choose auto-select, patients will be selected when you click Web Sched and based on this logic:
    - All patients with email or Text Message their Preferred Recall Method are automatically selected.
    - If, in Recall List Setup, Use Email If setting has been set to “has email address”, all patients who have an email address, but don't have a preferred recall method, are also selected.
  3. Click Web Sched.
  4. A confirmation message will appear. Click OK to create and send Web Sched Recall reminders for all selected patients.

What Happens Next?
See Web Sched: What the Patient Sees.


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