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Introduction to Tasks Webinar

Introduction to Tasks and Task Lists
40 minutes + Q & A
Task Lists are inter-office communication for sending messages between individuals in your office or from an individual to a group.  If set up correctly, any task can be a generic task or a patient specific task.  If it is patient specific, it will show up in the patient's Chart Module in progress notes.

  • Initial Setup (5 mins)
    • Adding User Accounts
    • Show Task Lists (Bottom or Right of the Open Dental Program)
  • Setting up Task Lists (5 mins)
    • Add Task Lists
    • Link Task Lists to User Accounts
  • Subscribing to Task Lists (5 mins)
    • Log in as User
    • Right-click and subscribe to related Task Lists
  • Task Basics (20 mins)
    • Creating Tasks
    • To Task List
    • Add Task
    • Add to task
    • Reply To
    • Send To
    • Attach to Patient
    • Mark Done
  • Blocking Tasks (5 mins)
  • Questions and Answers (as time permits)

Watch the webinar:

To enter full screen mode, click the lower right corner when the video is playing.


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