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Link Multiple Web Forms / Add a Redirect

These instructions explain how to manually build a URL that links multiple Web Forms together and/or redirects the patient to a different website after form submission. Once the URL is built, include it as a link on your website.

Note: In version 16.4 and greater, there is a Construct URL area on the Web Form Setup window to help you build the code. See Uploading Web Forms, Construct a URL.

Link Forms Together
When forms are linked, the patient will see a list of all linked forms on the left side of the screen and can click to navigate between forms. See What the Patient Sees. All forms will be submitted at once.

  1. Identify the Web Sheet Def ID number (WSDID) for each form you want to link. The ID is the last 4-5 digits of the Web Form's unique browser address on the Web Forms Setup window.

  1. Take the URL for the Web Form you want filled out first. For each Web Form you want to follow, add &NFID=IDnumber to the end. List the IDs in the order you want them to appear. Start with the second form’s ID number since the first Web Form is already identified in the original URL. 


Hint: To quickly copy the browser address of the first form, right click on the address and select Copy URL to clipboard.

Add a Redirect
Adding redirect code to the URL will return the patient to a specific URL once all Web Forms are submitted.

Take the URL for the Web Form and add &ReturnURL=http://www.website.com to the end.


Important: Use the full URL, including http(s)://.


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