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Recovering Data after a Virus

Virus protection is essential for HIPAA compliancy and data protection. No Antivirus Software is perfect however. If a computer does become infected, and you have been regularly performing quality Backups of your Open Dental data, recovery is possible, hopefully with minimal data loss.

Once a virus has been detected:

  1. Decide if data is corrupted. Open Dental can help identify corrupted data. If it is corrupted, you will need to rely on a backup of data (see step 3 below).
  2. Remove the virus and clean the computer. This may include virus scanning and reformatting the computer. Consult your IT department. 
  3. Use a backup of your data and recover accordingly. Open Dental can assist with restoring a backup to the server.

Open Dental cannot help you remove a virus, decrypt data, uncorrupt data, or backup data. However, we can assist you with restoring a backup to a uninfected machine.

Known Examples
CryptoWall/CryptoDefense:  This virus, and others like it, may encrypt your data and request that you pay money to decrypt it.  This is effectively a corrupt database.

Also see Best Practices to Avoid Malware/Ransomware.


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