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Minor Version Changes Based on Customer Feedback

We appreciate the feedback our users continue to submit about Open Dental features. Thank you. Sometimes, in response to customer feedback, we incorporate an enhancement in a minor version update. This step is only taken when we feel it is necessary to address unexpected issues that affect practice workflow. If you have recently updated and a new feature has not worked to your liking, an update to a minor version may help.

Below is a description of minor version changes that you may find useful. You can also refer to Previous Versions to see a list of all fixed bugs by version number. To take advantage of a change, just update.

Planned Appointments
In version 15.4 we added the ability to hide planned appointments associated with a completed appointment. This caused scheduling confusion since 'hidden' planned appointments in the Chart module still showed when scheduling an appointment. To accomodate this, we changed the behavior so planned appointments attached to completed appointments (and marked 'hidden') are hidden by default in both the Chart module and when scheduling an appointment (Appointment for Patient window). This should alleviate confusion during scheduling. See Planned Appointments.

Original version: 15.4
Change available: 15.4.19 and greater

Payment Splits
After the release of the Pay Split Manager some users wanted to revert to the old behavior of allocating payment amounts. To accomodate this, we added a preference to Account Module Preferences called 'Prompt for autosplits on Payments'.

  • Checked (default): If there are no pay splits and a user clicks OK on the Payment window, he is asked if he wants to use the Pay Split Manager to allocate payments.
  • Unchecked: If there are no pay splits and a user clicks OK, he is asked if he wants to apply the remaining amounts to other family members (old behavior).

Original version: 15.2
Change available: 15.3.10 and greater; 15.2.16 and greater

#2: When entering a payment that exceeded the total balance, the Pay Split Manager did not automatically account for the excess amount. Instead a manual pay split had to be created for the overpaid amount. Some people missed this step, thus resulting in payment mistakes. After consideration, we changed the behavior of the Pay Split Manager so it auto-creates an unallocated pay split for the excess amount when the total payment exceeds the total family balance. Thus, the default splits created by the Pay Split Manager will always equal the total payment amount.

Original version: 15.2
Change available: 15.3.11 and greater; 15.2.17 and greater

#3: If you enter $0 for the payment amount, then use the Pay Split Manager to create splits, clicking OK will automatically change the payment amount to match the total pay split amount.

Original version: 15.2
Change available: 15.3.13 and greater; 15.2.20 and greater

See Pay Split Manager.

Validation when Sending Batch E-Claims
In version 15.1 we changed the timing of e-claim validation (for missing information). Instead of validating claims when opening the window (which caused slowness), the validation occurred when claims were sent as a batch. However, some users relied on the validation to determine missing information prior to sending and the change disrupted their normal workflow. To accomodate this, we added a preference in Manage Module Preferences so users can set their validation preference.

  • Checked: Validation will occur when the Claim Send window is opened (before sending).
  • Unchecked (default): Validation will occur when sending the claim.

Original version: 15.1
Change available: 15.2.12 and greater

Broken Appointment Automation
#1: In version 15.2, the automation for broken appointments changed to use the new ADA procedure code D9986. In prior versions broken appointments were added as adjustments. Some offices had used text color to highlight adjustments in the Account module and missed this identifier (Definitions). Thus, we enhanced the program so that broken appointment procedures automatically show using the color of the adjustment.

Original version: 15.2
Change available: 15.3.10 and greater; 15.2.16 and greater

#2: Some users wanted to retain the old behavior of using adjustments for broken appointments. To accommodate this, we added a new preference in Appointment Module Preferences called 'Make Adjustment in addition to broken appt procedure'. Enabling this preference will cause the Adjustments window to automatically open after the Broken Appointment Procedure window when an appointment is broken.

Original version: 15.2
Change available: 15.3.19 and greater


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