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Entering Patient Payments (version 17. 2 and earlier) 

Payments for completed treatement are entered in the Account module. 


  • If the payment amount is a prepayment for future treatment, see Prepayments.
  • Allocating income to providers or procedures is optional, but useful if you want to Track Income by Provider. Income can be allocated when you enter a payment or, if allocation amounts are unknown, transferred to the correct provider/patient at a later date. To allocate income after a payment has been entered, see Income Transfers.
  • To enter a patient refund, see Patient Refunds.
  1. In the Account toolbar click Payment or double click an existing payment to edit.

See Payment Window for a full description of each field and area.

  1. If using Clinics, make sure a clinic is assigned. The default clinic is determined by the setting in Account Module Preferences for 'Payments Use Patient Clinic'.
  2. Enter the total payment Amount.
  3. Select the Payment Type. Options can be customized in Definitions, Payment Types. None (Income Transfer) is used for Income Transfers.
  4. If the payment applies to a recurring charge that is due, check Apply to Recurring Charge
  5. (optional) Click Split Manager to allocate payment amounts to procedures, adjustments, and payment plan charges due using the Pay Split Manager. Open Dental will suggest pay splits based on payment amount and outstanding charges. You can accept, modify, delete, or add partial splits. Splits are especially useful when Tracking Income by Provider.

    Note: There are other methods of creating pay splits:
    • Click Add Split to manually add a Pay Split.
    • Under Family Balances, select rows then click Pay to carry balances over to payment splits. If you select no Family Balance line items and click Pay, all line items will become a pay split, the end balance will change to 0, and the payment Amount will automatically calculate to match.

    Double click an existing pay split to fine tune information (provider, procedure, amounts, etc) or delete a split. Regardless of the method selected, the Total Splits amount must match the total payment Amount before you can proceed. .

Note: If you don't know the allocation amounts yet, you can also correct amounts at a later date by transferring income (e.g. after insurance is received). See Income Transfers.

  1. To process the charge using X-Charge or PayConnect, click the corresponding button. When the transaction is complete, the Payment window will still be open.

  2. Click OK to save the payment entry.

    If there are no pay splits, one of several things may happen, depending on the setting in Account Module Preference for 'Payments prompt for auto split'.

    a. The Payment Split Manager will automatically open with recommended pay splits.

    b. Message: 'Would you like to autosplit the payment to outstanding family balances?'
    - Click Yes to open the Pay Split Manager.
    - Click No to create a single pay split for the total amount, defaulted to the patient's primary provider.

    c. Message: 'Apply part of the payment to other family members?'
    - Click Yes to create multiple pay splits: one for the patient, one for other family members with a balance.
    - Click No to create a single pay split for the total amount, defaulted to the patient's primary provider.

    d. Attach to payment plan?: If the patient is a guarantor of a payment plan, or there are payment plans for family members, you will be asked whether or not you want to attach the pay split to the payment plan.
    - To only make the payment (not attached to a payment plan), click 'None'.
    - To attach, highlight a payment plan, then click OK. A pay split for the entire payment amount and attached to the payment plan will be created.

Payments show as a line item in the Patient Account ledger.
If the payment is attached to a payment plan and you are using original Payment Plans (not line item accounting), the payment will not show in the ledger; it will only show in the payment plan's amortization schedule.


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