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Version 17.1

See Versions.

Version 17.1 (beta) was released on 3/31/2017.

Note: Open Dental 17.1 requires a minimum 1280 x 768 resolution. Before updating, please evaluate your monitors and determine if you need to upgrade.



  • Set a specific time of day to automatically run daily aging (e.g. non-peak hours). Miscellaneous Setup
  • Update eStatement credentials without clearing the billing list. Billing List
  • Option to send a statement directly to the Patient Portal. Statement Window
  • Scheduled date shows in Recurring Charges window. Recurring Charges
  • Preference to use the transaction date as the Payment date (instead of the scheduled recurring charge date) when running Recurring Charges. Account Module Preferences

Chart module

  • Use slider on the tooth chart to show procedure changes to the tooth chart over time. Graphical Tooth Chart
  • When a medication is marked as 'discontinued' in eRx, the same medication will be marked 'discontinued' in Open Dental upon refresh of the Chart module. eRx Medications
  • New preference to prompt user on how to handle fees when a provider changes on a procedure.

Claims and Claim Payments



Dropbox enhancements

  • Works with statements, email and claim attachments, summaries of care, wiki files and more. Dropbox



Email Inbox: Email Inbox - Receive and Send Messages

  • Compose new messages and reply to received messages.
  • View messages that you have sent.
  • Search emails based on specific criteria.
  • Email Inbox is non-modal (other windows can be open at the same time).


Integrated Texting


  • For each column in the Ortho Chart, option to enter an internal name and display name. Ortho Chart Setup
  • Print button added to Ortho Chart. Ortho Chart
  • Header on Ortho Chart printout reflects chart name and selected tab. Ortho Chart
  • Add an electronic signature stamp in the Ortho Chart for the person currently logged in. Ortho Chart
  • Option to define procedures that can be considered orthodontic placement procedures (used to determine the Date Start for claims created using the Auto Ortho Claim tool). Ortho Setup
  • Option to override the Date Start on the Ortho Case tab. Ortho Case

Payment Plans

  • Attached to Payment Plan checkbox removed from Payment window and replaced with label indicating the number of splits attached to a plan. Payment Plan window
  • When patient has a payment plan and a payment is entered, a prompt will ask the user whether the payments should be attached to a plan or not. Entering Payments to a Payment Plan


  • Procedure code columns added in Pay Split Manager. Pay Split Manager
  • Preference for 'Payments prompt for auto splits' includes option to force allocated payments to have pay splits attached to a procedure. Account Module Preferences
  • When allocating prepayments to procedures, option to list all procedures that haven't been explicitly paid off. Prepayments
  • Changing the provider on a completed procedure attached to a pay split will also change the provider on the pay split. Editing Procedure


  • Insurance Payment Plans Past Due Report lists insurance payment plans with balances that are overdue. Insurance Payment Plans Past Due Report
  • New Uniform Data Systems (UDS) report for the FQHC sealant measure.
  • Option to cancel a query when it is running. Run a Query
  • Option to print Graphic Reports or export as PDF. Graphic Reports
  • Appointments Report header includes information about selected providers. Appointments Report
  • Unearned Income report uses complex reporting system. Printing Reports - Complex Report System
  • Option to include writeoff estimates and adjustments in the Production and Income report. Production and Income Report
  • Option to include writeoff estimates in the Aging of A/R report.
  • Option to calculate aging by patient or guarantor in the Aging of A/R report.
  • Option to include procedures with no insurance estimates in the Procedures not Billed to Insurance report.
  • Filter the Treatment Finder Report by clinic. Users only see clinics they are restricted to.
  • Treatment Finder Report "TP Date Since" now includes same-day treatment. Treatment Finder Report


  • Option to force users to change their password at next login attempt when passwords are required to be 'strong' and their password does not meet the criteria. Security
  • After five consecutive failed log-on attempts, a user will be temporarily locked out of Open Dental, the CEMT, and/or the Mobile Web for 5 minutes or until the account is manually unlocked. Security User Profiles, CEMT Security
  • After a patient merge, history for both the merge 'from' and 'to' patient can be viewed in the Audit Trail. Audit Trail
  • Reports - Daily permission allows/blocks a user from running daily reports for adjustments, payments, procedures, and writeoffs. Permissions
  • Daily - View All Providers permission allows/blocks a user from viewing other provider information in a daily report. Permissions
  • Production and Income, View All Providers permission allows/blocks a user from viewing other provider information in the Production and Income report. Permissions
  • Patient Restriction Edit permission allows/blocks user from changing the 'Appointment Scheduling is Restricted' checkbox. Permissions
  • Patient Billing Type Edit permission only allows/blocks user from changing billing type. Permissions
  • Graphics Edit permission allows/blocks user from changing graphic settings. Permissions
  • Sheet Delete permissions allows/blocks user from deleting sheets associated with a patient. Permissions
  • Update Custom Tracking permission allows/blocks user from updating tracking status from the Outstanding Insurance Report. Permissions
  • Insurance Plan Ortho Edit permission allows/blocks user from editing insurance plan ortho information. Permissions
  • Insurance Plan Edit permission is required to add or edit discount plans. Permissions


  • Option to collapse/expand large tasks. Determine default behavior in Task Options. Tasks Area
  • Add auto notes to tasks. Create Tasks
  • Right click on a URL in a task note to open it in a browser. Create Tasks

Time Clock / Time Cards Time Card Setup

  • Visual changes to Time Card Setup window.
  • Ability to delete multiple pay periods at once.
  • Not able to create pay periods that overlap existing pay periods.
  • Preference to hide pay periods that are older than six months.

Treatment Plans

Web Forms

  • When retrieving Web Forms, email address and phone number are also considered when matching forms to patients. Retrieve Submitted Forms
  • When entering data in linked Web Forms, once first name, last name, and birth date are entered, they are inherited on each subsequent form. Web Forms: What the Patient Sees
  • Default host server address redirects to https://patientviewer.com. Upload Web Forms
  • URL arguments for Dental Office ID, Web Sheet ID and Next Form ID updated. Upload Web Forms

Web Sched New Patient: Web Sched New Patient

Web Sched Recall: Web Sched Recall

Wiki Lists

  • Right click on a URL in a wiki list to open it in a browser.
  • Search option in wiki lists filters results.
  • Advanced search option added to wiki lists.

Recall List and Confirmation List Setup windows divided into separate windows. Recall List Setup, Confirmation List Setup
Action needed toolbar button moved to Alerts menu.
Add a custom referral type (in addition to referral from and referral to). Referrals
One referral per provider shows in the Patient Information grid. Referrals
Dropbox reenabled. Dropbox
Dropbox works with statements, email and claim attachments, summaries of care, wiki files and more. Dropbox
Create appointments and patients using FHIR RESTful API Service. Open Dental FHIR - RESTful API Service
Ability to add more messaging buttons. Messaging Buttons
User is no longer required to run Open Dental as Admin when using X-Charge. X-Charge
Carestream bridge name changed to Carestream Ortho/OMS from carestreamdental.com. Bridge - Carestream
Include procedure status in PR1 segment of HL7 inbound ADT messages. HL7 Generic Message Structure
Email PDF button added to the Edit Deposit Slip window. Deposits and Deposit Slips


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