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Vendors - Patient Registration

These Supplemental Service vendors offer applications that work with Open Dental for patient registration. We do not necessarily endorse any of these companies, nor do we provide technical support for their products or services. We encourage users to let us know about positive and negative experiences by emailing

Enlive Paperless Dentist. A iOS-based Kiosk app for iPad. Send paperwork to fill out, sign paperwork on the iOS touchscreen, etc. The app automatically detects Open Dental and connects to it, making the iPad an option in the Kiosk Manager. Available through the iTunes store.
mConsent is an iPad software that helps dental practices go paperless, making the check-in process easy. We convert all your patient forms (new patient intake, medical history, dental history, and consent forms) into an iPad kiosk. Patients sign the iPad and documents transfer to Open Dental. mConsent is HIPAA compliant and includes other services such as Reputation Builder, Web Forms (patients submit forms online) and more.


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