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Vendors - Supplemental Services and Products 

These Supplemental Service vendors offer miscellaneous services to Open Dental customers. We do not necessarily endorse any of these companies. We also do not provide technical support for their products or services. We encourage users to let us know about positive and negative experiences by emailing

Big Idea Software: A full featured paperless anesthesia record keeping system for Open Dental. The system includes electronic anesthetic records for both IV and GA cases, and a fully integrated inventory system for keeping track of scheduled anesthetic medications delivered to patients.”
Central Data Storage: HIPAA compliant managed offsite backup and recovery solution for dentists and Open Dental Software.
DentalTek. VOIP phones fully integrated into Open Dental. Provides pop-up alerts when patients call in and Rapid Call technology to drop pre-recorded voicemails into voicemail boxes.
Disk Agent - Remote Wipe: Protects Private Health Information (PHI) on a lost or stolen laptop (computer). Avoid data breach and costly penalties with the remote wipe solution that cuts off access to your sensitive data before compromise. Satisfies HIPAA process and procedure requirements.


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