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Vendors - Business Intelligence Dashboards and KPIs 

These Supplemental Services vendors offer hardware to Open Dental customers. We do not necessarily endorse any of these companies, nor do we provide technical support for their products or services. We encourage users to let us know about positive and negative experiences by emailing

Practice Intelligence by Dental Intel. Integrates your practice management and accounting system data.
Divergent Dental Resources. Automated dashboards, KPIs, and reports for you to analyze and grow your dental practice.
Practice Catalyst by Elevate Practices. Practice Catalyst combines a comprehensive, web-based dashboard (Open Dental plus Accounting) with tools and systems for making decisions and assuring effective execution.

Practice IQ: Run your practice like a true CEO. Translate data and metrics into easy-to-understand numbers that you and your office manager can use to drastically increase productivity and revenue generation. The only system in the world that is real time and moves at the rate of your practice.


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