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Vendors - Communication Services

These Supplemental Service vendors offer online appointment scheduling, recall, reminders (postcards, phone, text messaging, email), voicemail, and other communication services. We do not necessarily endorse any of these companies, nor do we provide technical support for their products or services. We encourage users to let us know about positive and negative experiences by emailing

Angela@Opendental. Dental office virtual receptionist capable of speaking natural language and taking patient calls as a 24/7 standby receptionist.  Dental office automation features include booking dental appointments, dispatching patients to emergency contact or voicemail, and appointment reminders.  Patients can add, reschedule, and cancel appointments via text message.  New patients can sign up and get appointments by text or online. 


AppointmentAid. Automated phone call, text message, and email appointment reminder service.


Clinic Book. Free online service to help patients find a dentist and book appointments. Appointments come in as email requests, then the receptionist manually enters them into Open Dental.   Also sends reminders.
Dental ATM: Automated reminder texts, emails, and calls for unscheduled treatment, recall, and appointment confirmation. Birthday reminders and newsletters. Extensive document and video library for treatment education, patient retention and increased case acceptance.
DentalTek. VOIP phones fully integrated into Open Dental. Provides pop-up alerts when patients call in and Rapid Call technology to drop pre-recorded voicemails into voicemail boxes.

Dentist Patient Management.  Phone, voicemail, email, fax, mobile access, text, and reminders.
Docpoint: Online appointments, reminders, confirmations, email, and text messaging.  Also available in Puerto Rico:  www.docpoint.com/pr
HRD Sq. The ConvergedComm plugin for OpenDental is a unified communication tool offering Telephone System Sync/Integration, DigitalFax, Automatic Appointment Confirmation, Appointment Reminder, Appointment Recall, Birthday Wishes to Patients, and Consolidated Inbound and Outbound Communication log.
Lighthouse 360: Autoconfirm, perfect recall, truetime data synchronization, mobile app, and patient reviews.
LocalMed. Real-Time online scheduling for your patients. Appointments are displayed based on your custom filters and placed back into your Open Dental Practice Management System via two way connection.
Multi Minder. Custom Cloud IRV and SMS Messaging solutions with a plugin for Open Dental that allows offices to send appointment reminders from their desktop.
MyPatientScheduler: Two-way integration for online appointment scheduling, confirmation, and recall management.
Patient Communicator. Patient engagement and appointment scheduling. Automated confirmations and reminders reduce no-shows saving time and money. On-line reviews and surveys to increase search engine ranking, online and social media presence.
PatientDocs.com: Appointment reminders, online search engine marketing, and effective website design.


Patient Loop. Send emails, text messages, and voice messages to patients.
Patient Studio: Online patient forms integrated with Open Dental automatic appointment reminders patient newsletter.
PromptAppointment: Appointment reminders, patient reviews, patient surveys and recall reminders
Practice Mojo. Automated recall & marketing with exclusive ReachAll Dental Recall Technology, email, 2-way text messages, postcards, automated phone reminders, and more.
ReRemind: Integrated appointment reminders and patient communication via phone, email, and SMS text messaging
Savance Health: Patient Sign-In and Tracking, Waiting Room Displays, RTLS, Asset Management and Tracking, On-Call Scheduling, Access Controls, and Time and Attendance.
Solutionreach. Patient messaging via text and email, including appointment reminders, recall, newsletters, and birthday greetings.
Teldent. Telephone software for confirmations. Patients can confirm or cancel using their phone keypad.
Voice2Phone. Appointment Reminder By Phone service.
Yapi: Dashboard, team communication, interactive forms, appointment reminders, etc.


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