Add or Edit Transactions

To add or edit an Accounting transaction:

  1. On the Accounting window, double click on the account.
  2. Click Add Entry, or double click an existing transaction.

By default, the Simple view of the transaction is shown. Every transaction is split between at least two accounts:

To split a transaction between more than two accounts, uncheck the Simple box, then see Complex View below.

User Entered: The logged-in user that made the accounting transaction.

User Edited: The last user logged-in user that made changes to the accounting transaction.

Date: The date of the transaction. Transactions will be sorted by this date.

Amount: The transaction amount. To deduct an amount from the account, enter a negative value.

Other Account: Click Change to select the second account.

Memo: Notes to identify this transaction.

Check Number: Optional.

Source Documents: A good accounting system always has a source document for every transaction.If, in Accounting Setup, you have set up accounts for Automatic Deposit Entries and Automatic Payment Entries, deposits and patient payments that go to an asset account will be automatically attached as a source document.To remove a source document, click Detach.

Complex View: This view is useful when you need to split a transaction between more than two accounts (e.g. for credit card payments).

Regardless of how the transaction is split, the sum of all the debits must equal the sum of all the credits.

To add a new split (journal entry), click Add, or double click on a row to edit.

Negative amounts are not allowed.