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Integrated Texting

Integrated Texting is an eService that allows you to send and receive text messages in Open Dental. To sign up, you must be on support with an active registration key.

Sign Up:

  • In version 17.1 and greater, use the eServices Signup Portal. See Integrated Texting Signup.
  • For all other versions, contact Open Dental.

Manage Texting


Webinar: Integrated Texting


Integrated texting has a monthly access fee and per text fees for outbound messages only. Inbound messages are free.

  • Sign up for eConfirmations and get access to Integrated Texting at no additional cost.
  • Check out the eServices Bundle to get all eServices for one low monthly fee.
  • If a message is over 160 characters, each additional 160 characters is also charged a fee.

United States, Canada, Puerto Rico: See Fees for Software, Support, and Services.

International Users (Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, Romania):

Country Access fee per month (USD) Fee per outgoing message (USD) Fee per additional message segment
Australia $8 $0.09 $0.06
Great Britain $5 $0.07 $0.04
Ireland $10 $0.08 $0.05
Romania $10 $0.11 $0.08


  • Text messages are not secure and should not be used to send PHI. See Encryption of Data in Transit.
  • Sending text messages too quickly (e.g. more than one every second) may cause Open Dental to exceed the monthly texting limit before a popup can appear. Open Dental is not responsible for any fees an office or clinic may accrue in this manner.


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