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Template Forms  

This feature is not the same as Consent Forms or Patient Forms. This is a feature that lets you save images ahead of time which you can later quickly copy to a patient by using the Template button at the top of the Images module.

In the A to Z folders, there is a folder called Forms. If it's not there, you can create it. You can put any image into this folder, and it will act as a template form. After restarting Open Dental, you will see a Template button at the top of the Images module, along with a dropdown arrow for selecting a template form.  Clicking on one will place a copy of the image into the current patient's records. It would typically be Electronically Signed at this point, along with any optional note attached. There are other features that are more useful for most offices, including Consent Forms and Patient Forms.  But since some offices use this feature, it will remain in place.  Once signed, the note cannot be changed without invalidating the signature.


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