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Create Tasks (Version 16.2 and earlier)

Tasks can be added to a Task List or sent to a user Inbox. When a user is subscribed to a task list, new tasks added to that list will pop up. Manage tasks in the Tasks Area.

Create a Task

  1. There are two ways to create a task.
    • In the Tasks area, click Add Task. To add the task to a specific task list, highlight the task list first.
    • In the main Toolbar, click To Task List to attach the selected patient to the task, and send to a specific list. Select the Task List, then click OK.

  1. Enter new task information in the description field, or add a note to the existing task.
    • New: A task starts out marked New. Click in the checkbox to unflag it and mark it as not New.
    • Done: When a task is complete, mark it as Done. Once done, a task disappears from the task list. A task that is marked done will automatically be marked as not Done if it is sent to another tasklist or a note is added to the task. To mark a task as done from the Chart Module, right click on the task in the Progress Notes and select 'Set Complete'.
    • Entry/Finished Dates: These fields are filled in automatically, but can also be quickly set by clicking Now.
    • From User: The name of the user who initiated this task. To change the user, click […].
    • Task List: This field is filled in automatically and cannot be changed here. If a task list was selected first, the task list name appears. If this task is being sent to an inbox, it may be empty until you click Send To.
    • Task Priority: Assign a priority to the task. Priority types can be added in Definitions, Task Priorities.
    • Audit: View changes made to tasks throughout its lifetime. Only available if the user has TaskEdit Permission.
    • Description: Enter the task description. This Text Box supports right click options. Wiki page links can be right clicked and opened or created from a task description. Enable these features in Wiki setup. To create a wiki link in a task, use double brackets around the page title: [[Example Wiki Link]].
      • NOTE: In version 14.3 and greater, Quick Paste Notes for tasks must have a category of Task, or will not work as expected if using the ? shortcut.
    • Notes: If this is an existing task, click Add to enter comments or notes. To quickly copy the text of the original task, and any notes, click Copy. 
    • Date/Date Type: Leave blank unless you want this task to show in a Repeating Task List. The Is from Repeating checkbox will be marked if this is a repeating task.
    • Object Type: Attach a specific patient or appointment to the task.
      • None: A regular task with no attachments.
      • Patient: These tasks show in the Open Tickets tab. Click Change to select and attach a patient.
      • Appointment: These tasks are associated with an Appointment. Click Change to select a patient, then select the appointment.
    • Change: Attach a patient or appointment to the task. The attached item is dependent on the object type.
    • Go To: Make the attached patient active. If appointment is the object type, jump to the patient's appointment.
    • Copy: Copy the text of the original task and any notes.
    • Add: Add a note to the task. This is a useful tool to track a task's status as it gets sent back and forth between users.
  2. When all task information is entered, you have three options:
    • Click OK to send the task to the specified task list. Everyone subscribed to the task list will be notified of the new task.
    • Click Send To, then select an inbox to send the task to.
    • Click Reply to send the task to the last person who sent it.

Tasks attached to patients also show in the patient's Chart module, Progress Notes.

Whenever a user is subscribed to a task list and a task is added, a popup window shows, along with a chime sound. To block popups and chime at a user level, click BlockPopups. Popups will be blocked for all subscribed lists except for the user's inbox. This preference will be remembered as the default on a per-user basis. If blocked, remember to check for new tasks under the New for User tab.

Tracking New by User
In Miscellaneous Setup, there is an option to track new/viewed status by individual user. If this option is turned on, the behavior for tracking new messages changes. For any inbox, the new message count applies to the inbox user, not the currently logged on user. For all other task lists, the new message count applies to the currently logged in user only.

When the program is running in this mode, the task statuses of new/viewed are completely ignored and hidden. The only status that will be seen on any task is the one that is specific to individual user/task combinations.

Task History
Users with the TaskEdit permission can view a history of changes made to tasks. Click Audit.

Create Date: The original date of the task.
Edit Date: The date the change was made.
Editing User: The user who made the change.
Changes: A description of the change.


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