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Task Lists and Tasks (Version 16.2 and earlier)

Task lists and tasks are managed in the Tasks area. They can be used for office communications, tickler lists, appointment lists, patient lists, daily, weekly, or monthly check off lists, etc. A task list can have nested task lists or tasks within it, much like the folder/file concept.

Create Task Lists and User Inboxes
Create a Task

See also: Webinar: Tasks I - Introduction to Tasks and Task Lists

Tasks Area
Manage and view tasks in the Tasks area of your screen, or, in the Manage module, click Tasks.

The Task area options can be defined in Miscellaneous Setup. Usually the Tasks area is docked at the bottom or right of the screen, but it can also be set to not appear on an individual computer. To change docking options, right click on the splitter. Resize the Tasks area by dragging the splitter. Set Permissions for editing and deleting tasks in Security.

There are six buttons across the top: 

  • Setup: Assign inboxes for users. See Create Task Lists and User Inboxes. Only users with Setup Permission have access to this feature.
  • Add TaskList: Create a new Task List.
  • Add Task: Create a new Task.
  • BlockSubsc: At a user level, block popups (and chime) when new tasks are added to a list you are subscribed to.
  • BlockInbox: At a user level, block popups (and chime) when new tasks are sent to your inbox.
    If you block popups, remember to check for new tasks under the New for User tab.  

The Task tabs are useful for organization and task management.

  • for 'User': Contains task lists that the current user is subscribed to. Typically includes a user's inbox.
  • New for User: See the current user's new tasks all at once.
  • Open Tickets: Keep track of tasks that need follow-up. Tasks with an object type of 'Patient' appear here until the task is marked done. This tab is only visible if 'Show open tickets for user' is checked in Miscellaneous Setup.
  • Main: All shared task lists and inboxes.
  • Repeating (setup): Only for setup. Task lists stored here are Repeating Task Lists.
  • By Date/Week/Month: Contains automatically generated repeating task lists and tasks.

Click on a tab, and its task lists will show. If a task is added when only the Open Tickets or Main tab is selected, the task will be added under the Main tab.
Click on a task list to see the tasks within. 
Any task list with new tasks is flagged with an orange checkbox, and the number of new tasks appears in parentheses. 
To see tasks which have been marked done, click the Show Finished Tasks checkbox, and enter a start date if desired. 
Task lists and tasks also have right click options to easily edit properties, cut, copy, paste, delete, subscribe, unsubscribe, Send to Me or Go To an attached patient or appointment.


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