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Tablet PC

Open Dental works very well on Windows Tablet PCs. The tablet must run a full version of Windows (not Windows 8 RT), and the screen must have a resolution of at least 1024x768 (1280x768 in version 17.1 and greater). Interaction will generally be with a stylus, and sometimes with an optional keyboard. See the Wireless section for ideas regarding security. 

Tablet PCs can be useful, but because of small size, heat generation, security, charging requirements, replacement cost and other factors, you should try one before buying many. Also consider that although they have become such an integral part of our lives, they may or may not be more effective than stationary devices with larger monitors. Some offices have reported success with laptops mounted to walls, or traditional computers and large flat screens with wireless keyboards and pointing devices.

We have not had any reports of any tablets working better or worse than any other. In general we recommend trying one before buying others. If you would like to share your experience with a particular tablet, please let us know and we will publish it here.

Before using a Tablet PC as a Kiosk device, consider the following issues. 

  • Screen size and configuration. On Window 8 Surface Pro tablets, the kiosk doesn't take up the whole screen. The writing can appear very small to patients and the orientation can also be shifted by movement of the tablet.
  • On Windows 8 Surface Pro tablets, the on-screen keyboard does not come up automatically, so extra attention is required (see Kiosk, Troubleshooting). The keyboard also covers up a considerable portion of the visible screen, including input on the patient forms.
  • Tablets are very portable and can easily be lost or misplaced in a reception area setting.

Use notebooks with digital pen/signing capabilities.
If you decide to use a Tablet, purchase a suitable keyboard accessory to make typing easier.

iPad and Android
These are consumer grade tablets designed for casual use. Open Dental does not run on these devices. Because they do not have good stylus support, they are not useful for signature capture. Because they do not run Windows apps, apps for these devices must either be web-based or rewritten for each kind of device. 

Mobile app
Our Mobile app will run on iPad and Android devices because it's web-based, although the proportions will look odd on such a large screen. Also see Mobile Applications Supplemental Services.

Remote Software
There are software products available for remote connection to one of your office computers over an iPad or Android. The Remote Access page covers some of these products, but there are others. 


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