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This material includes SNOMED Clinical Terms (SNOMED CT) which is used by permission of the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO).  All rights reserved.  SNOMED CT was originally created by the College of American Pathologists.  "SNOMED" and "SNOMED CT" are registered trademarks of IHTSDO.

SNOMED CT codes are a standardized clinical health coding terminology.  For EHR, every Problem in your master list must be assigned a SNOMED CT code.  This will ensure that Medication Reconciliation and Clinical Decision Support interventions work correctly, and that problems show on a patient's clinical documents (e.g. Continuity of Care documents).

To import SNOMED CT codes, see Code System Import.  In version 14.2.9 or greater, SNOMED CT codes are available to all U.S. customers with a current registration key. 

Once imported, SNOMED CT codes can be viewed via the EHR Setup window, or assigned to problems using a pick list [...].

At first the list will be empty.  Enter the first few characters of the description or code, then click Search to filter results.  If the user has the 'Show i' CDS permission, the InfoButton will show in the first column.  If the code is used in Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs), the number of the CQM is listed.

Select the SNOMED CT code then click OK.

Map to ICD9:  This is a one time tool that can be used to map a SNOMED CT code to an existing problem, if that problem has an ICD-9 code that correlates to exactly one SNOMED CT code. If there is any ambiguity, the code will not be added to the problem. The button only shows if you are logged in as a user associated to a provider with a valid EHR provider key.


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