Server Migration

This information is for advanced IT users only. If you don't understand any of these steps, something does not go as expected, or you have errors, please Contact Open Dental.

Before you begin, make a backup of the original data on the old server (A to Z folders / OpenDentImages) and mysql/data folder).

Customers using eServices or HL7 services should contact Open Dental Support after performing a Server Migration to ensure services are running and confirm access to those features.

Migrate to a New Server

On the old server:

  1. Stop the MySQL Service. Click Start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services, MySQL. Right-click and select Properties, Stop. Do not click OK.
  2. Disable the MySQL service to make sure workstations no longer point to the older server. Change the Startup Type from Automatic to Disabled then click OK. If, for some reason, you want to use this computer again as a backup server, you can just set it back to Automatic and restart the MySQL service.
  3. Make a copy of the database and save it to a flash drive or removable drive. The database is usually found at c:\mysql\data and in a directory named opendental.
  4. Make a copy of the OpenDentImages or OpenDentalData folder and also save it to your flash drive or removable drive (usually found at c:\OpenDentImages or OpenDentalData).

On the new server:

  1. Download the Trial Version.
  2. Install MySQL using the Trial Installer. Right click on the Trial version and Run as administrator. Only check the boxes for:
    • MySQL Server
    • MySQL 5.5 grant tables
    • my.ini

    Note: Do not check the boxes for Open Dental Program, opendental Database and OpenDentImages. These will be copied from the old server.

  3. UNCHECK the Launch the MySQL Instance Configuration Wizard checkbox at the end of the MySQL installation.
  4. Put the copy of the database on the new server into the MySQL folder. The database is usually found atc:\mysql\data.
  5. Put the copy of the OpenDentImages or OpenDentData folder on the new server. Usually at c:\OpenDentImages or OpenDentalData.
  6. Create, Share and set full access on the folder, share permissions.
  7. From the new OpenDentImages folder, right click on setup.exe, then Run as administrator to install Open Dental.
  8. Start Open Dental (Run as administrator) and if requested, enter the new Server Name. If Open Dental opens directly, see step #4.
  9. If the Data Paths window opens (Data Paths Setup), make sure the paths point to the new server (e.g. \\NewServer\OpenDentImages). If it does not open, click Setup, Data Paths to ensure the paths point to the new server.
  10. Open Port 3306 in the Windows Firewall (if needed). Both the Inbound and Outbound ports should be opened.
  11. Start Open Dental on one workstation (Run as administrator). On the Choose Database window, enter the new server name. You should not have to edit paths.
  12. Repeat step 11 for all workstations.

When using Open Dental eServices: If the eConnector service is installed on the server (typical), disable the service then install the eConnector on the new server.