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Security Window

To open the Security window, in the Main Menu, click Setup, Security.

Settings: Access Global Security Settings.

Users tab: Create, edit, and view a User Security Profiles.

  • User Filters: Filter options for the list of users.
    • Show Only: Filter by the type of user (All users, provider, employee, other). This setting changes the label of the /Provider Name/Employee Name box.
    • Group: Filter by user group.
    • Username/Provider Name/Employee Name: Filter by user name/provider name, or employee name (based on Show Only setting).
    • Show hidden users: Include users who have been marked hidden.
  • User: A list of all users that meet the User Filter criteria.
  • User Groups for User: The highlighted group(s) is the user group the user is associated with. Users can be associated to multiple groups.
  • Effective permissions for user: A read-only list of the user group's assigned permissions (Checked = allowed, Unchecked = not allowed). To change a user group's assigned permissions, click the User Groups tab.
  • Add User: Add a new user security profile.
  • Edit User: Edit the user security profile of a current user.

User Groups tab: Create and rename user groups, assign security permissions to groups. Adding or Renaming a User Group, Assigning Security Permissions.

  • User Group: A list of all current user groups.
  • Add Group: Add a new user group.
  • Edit Group: Edit the name of the selected user group.
  • Permissions for group: An overview of which permissions the user group has (Checked = allowed, Unchecked = not allowed).
  • Set All: Quickly assign all permissions (except the Security Admin Permission) to the selected user group.
  • Users currently associated: A list of all users currently assigned to the user group. Users can be assigned to multiple user groups.

Close: Close the window and save settings.

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