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For ordinary Scanning that does not require transparencies, nearly any scanner will work with the Images module.  We do all testing on Epson WF-845 (or greater) scanners/printers and use them in-house with no issues. We highly recommend Epson products.

Known to work for duplex (multi-page) scanning:

  • Epson WF-3640 Printer/Scanner/Fax
  • Epson WF-4640 Series Printer/Scanner/Fax

Several customers have had success with the Epson Workforce DS-510 Color Document Scanner. (6/1/2017)

The following scanners are ones that are known to NOT work well:

  • NEAT ND-1000: Multi-page scanning doesn't work.
  • DocketPORT 485:  Multi-page scanning doesn't work.
  • DocketPORT 488: Multi-page scanning doesn't work.
  • Xerox DocuMate 152: Scanning can cause Open Dental to crash.

Transparency Scanners
We do not test or directly link to any transparency scanners. So, to use a transparency scanner, you will have to scan using the scanner software and then import the image into Open Dental. Do some investigating to find out which scanner will work best for you.

These scanners are not native transparency scanners, but might work. Inquire with Fujitsu about carrier sheets and how that works when scanning transparencies.

  • Fujitsu fi series.
  • Fujitsu ScanSnap: For power users only. Fast scanning of documents using a document feeder. Scanning is done outside of Open Dental (not from the Images module). It does not have a flatbed for radiographs. It uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and advanced software to scan directly to PDF instead of JPG. To view the scanned PDFs in Open Dental Images module you must import them.
    1. Place documents for one patient into the feeder and push start.
    2. All documents would quickly convert to a PDF and save in a temporary folder.
    3. Go to the Open Dental Images module for the patient and import the PDF document.

The models below are known to have a large enough transparency adapter to be used with panos, but may no longer be available (discontinued)

  • Epson V750M - 8.5 x 11.7 transparency and very dependable. Put the x-ray in the middle of the scanner bed, not in a corner.  The basic settings to use are professional mode, film with holder, positive film, 24bit color, 300dpi resolution, unsharp mask checked.
  • Epson Perfection 4990 - 8 x 10 transparency area).
  • Epson 1680 - 8.5 x 11.7 transparency area)
  • Microtek Scanmaker 8700 - firewire/USB2(fast), 8 x 10 transparency tray. Their software is very hard to use and full of bugs. You can't save to a network folder, you can't change the contrast, the settings are touchy, etc. You also have to cut the ends of your panos. We do not recommend this scanner.
  • Microtek 9800XL with TMA - firewire, 12 x 16 transparency area
  • UMax 2100XL - SCSI-II, 12 x 17 transparency area

Troubleshooting Scanners

  • Check to make sure you can use the scanner through Windows.  Go to the Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, Devices and Printers.  Right click on the scanner and Scan now. If the scanner doesn't work from there, it will not work inside Open Dental.
  • Check to see if the scanner came with a TWAIN or WIA driver. If not, you will have to install a generic TWAIN driver.
  • Try to update the driver from the manufacturer's website. If driver update fails, try using Microsoft Update.
  • Sometimes, newer drivers are not well tested by the manufacturer and can cause unpredictable scanning results (OD hanging after one scan, or OD taking up 50% of the CPU waiting for the scanner, etc..). In this case, installing an older more stable driver can sometimes fix the issue. Example: Epson GT-S50 issue was resolved by installing drivers from the CD.

See Troubleshooting for issues not related to scanners.


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