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Formatting Raw Data  

When you first view a Query results, they show in human-readable format. This means that Open Dental has changed values to make it more readable.

For example: SELECT * FROM appointment in 'human-readable' format looks like this:

In 'raw' format it looks like this:

The raw format has many meaningless numbers. Usually you will use the human-readable format.  In human-readable format, some column names that are used in our tables may display as follows: 
  - Dates may be converted to standard format.
  - Dollar amounts may receive the extra zeros and be right aligned.
  - Enumerations may convert (built-in lists like areas of the mouth, patient status, gender, etc.).
  - Definitions linked to the definition table get converted.
  - Provider numbers will show the provider's abbreviation.
  - Patient numbers will show patient name.
  - True/false: Boolean values will show true/false.

In the above example, extra queries were sent to the database to retrieve each patient name.  The other column values were changed using data that Open Dental stores internally. A similar result could be achieved with some very complex joins of multiple tables, but this significantly reduces the complexity.


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