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Formatting Raw Data  

When you first view a Query results, they show in human-readable format. This means that Open Dental has changed values to make it more readable.

For example: SELECT * FROM appointment in 'human-readable' format looks like this:

In 'raw' format it looks like this:

The raw format has many meaningless numbers. Usually you will use the human-readable format.  In human-readable format, some column names that are used in our tables may display as follows: 
  - Dates may be converted to standard format.
  - Dollar amounts may receive the extra zeros and be right aligned.
  - Enumerations may convert (built-in lists like areas of the mouth, patient status, gender, etc.).
  - Definitions linked to the definition table get converted.
  - Provider numbers will show the provider's abbreviation.
  - Patient numbers will show patient name.
  - True/false: Boolean values will show true/false.

If the column header is prefaced with a $, the cells are always formatted as a dollar amount.

In the above example, extra queries were sent to the database to retrieve each patient name.  The other column values were changed using data that Open Dental stores internally. A similar result could be achieved with some very complex joins of multiple tables, but this significantly reduces the complexity.


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