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Print Screen Tool 

The print screen tool is a useful way to capture or print any screen in Open Dental or any other program.

1.  Copy a screen image to the clipboard.  Press Alt + PrtScr to copy the active window, or press Ctrl + PrtScr to copy the entire screen.  The PrtScr (PrintScreen) key is usually located at the top of the keyboard. 
2.  In the Main Menu, click Tools, Print Screen Tool.

Zoom +:  Enlarge the image on screen.

Zoom -:   Shrink the image on screen.

Print:  Print the image.

Export:  Export the image to a location on your computer. 

More enhancements are planned. A crop tool is in the works so that you can trim off any excess at the edges of the image. We might also get a few image editing tools like an "eraser" so you can wipe out text that you don't want someone to see, either for privacy reasons or for clarity.


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