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Primary / Permanent Teeth 

By default, the Graphical Tooth Chart shows permanent teeth. However, you can set teeth as primary or as mixed dentition.

  1. In the Chart module, click the Primary tab.

The above image shows a combination of permanent and primary teeth.

  1. Select the option that best fits the patient:
    • Click a specific tooth or teeth, then mark it as Primary or Permanent. Click and drag to quickly highlight multiple teeth.
    • Set all teeth at once.
      • Set All Primary: Mark all teeth currently on the tooth chart as primary.
      • Set All Permanent: Mark all teeth currently on the tooth chart as permanent.
      • Set Mixed Dentition: Change the tooth chart to show a combination of primary and permanent teeth (8 - 12 year olds).

Root Canals on Primary Teeth
Root Canal (RCT) paint types for Procedure Codes will not show on primary teeth. Instead use the PostBu paint type. If you only use the procedure code on primary teeth (e.g. a pedo office), simply change the paint type. If you use the procedure code on both primary and permanent teeth, set up two codes: one for primary (PostBu) and one for permanent (RCT).

Example: To show D3220 on the tooth chart:

  1. If you only use D3220 on primary teeth, simply change the paint type to PostBu.
  2. If you use D3220 on both primary and permanent teeth, set up two codes:
    • Permanent teeth: D3220 with paint type RCT.
    • Primary teeth: D3220p with paint type PostBu.

Tips for Unique Situations
Show movements on the unerupted permanent tooth:

  1. Enter the tooth Movement.
  2. Mark tooth as primary.

Show congenitally missing permanent tooth:

  1. Mark tooth as Missing
  2. Mark tooth as primary.
  3. If the primary tooth is also missing, mark it as missing as well.

Show permanent molars as unerupted: Mark them as primary.

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