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Patient Portal Setup: 16.4 and earlier

If using Patient Portal in version 16.4 or earlier, the interface for setup, as well as the steps themselves, are different than in 17.1 and greater. Specifically, you wil need to generate the hosted URL, set portal features and the patient facing URL, as well as customize the secure web mail notification.

On the eServices Setup window, Patient Portal tab.

  1. Generate the Hosted URL:  Click Get URL to generate a URL (web address) unique to your office and linked to your Open Dental registration key. It will populate the Hosted URL field.

  2. Set portal features: Click Set Features to select features that will be available in the portal. See above for a description of options. Click Submit to apply changes. It may take up to 15 minutes for changes to take effect.

  3. Set the Patient Facing URL (optional):  Enter the web address of the landing page patients will use to access the patient portal.
    If you have a domain name and host a website yourself, create a page that will redirect to the Hosted URL, then enter the page web address in the Patient Facing URL box.  For example, the page https://www.opendental.com/login.html will redirect to https://www.patientviewer.com/?ID=abc123.

    If you do not host your own website, use the Hosted URL.
  4. Customize the Secure Web Mail Notification Email (optional): The subject and message entered for the Notification Email is used to create an un-secure email that alerts a patient when a secure web mail is waiting in the patient portal.

    Subject:  The subject of the email.
    Body:  The email message.  Make sure to include the tag [URL]; it will be replaced with a clickable Patient Facing URL when the message is sent. 
    The email message in the screenshot will look like this: Please go to this link and login using your credentials. https://www.opendental.com/login.html

  5. Click Save. The Patient Portal is now ready for use.




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