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Perio Charting - Voice Controlled

Perio charts can be recorded via voice commands in English, using Universal Tooth Numbering. A microphone must be set up on the computer.

Voice Controlled Charting

  1. In the Chart Module, click Perio Chart.

  1. Click the microphone icon to start recording.
  2. Use the following list of voice commands to add and record perio charts.

    • "Add perio chart": Adds a new exam.
    • "New perio chart": Adds a new exam.
    • "Copy previous exam": Copies the previous exam.
    • "Zero through nineteen": Available probing depths.
    • "Mark bleeding": Marks selected site as having bleeding on probing.
    • "Mark calculus": Marks selected tooth surface as having calculus.
    • "Plaque": Marks selected tooth surface as having plaque.
    • "Suppuration": Marks selected site as having suppuration.
    • "Backspace": Moves cursor back a space and clears the newly selected cell.
    • "Left": Moves cursor left.
    • "Right": Moves cursor right.
    • "Delete": Deletes selected item.
    • "Go to tooth <say number 1-32> facial": Moves cursor to selected tooth on facial side.
    • "Go to tooth <say number 1-32> lingual": Moves cursor to selected tooth on lingual side.
    • "Probing": Moves cursor back to probing .
    • "Check triplets": Checks the box for "Triplets".
    • "Uncheck triplets": Unchecks the box for "Triplets".
    • "Skip tooth <say number 1-32>": Skips selected tooth.
    • "Skip current tooth": Skips currently selected tooth.
    • "Mucoginigival junction": Moves cursor to record MGJ.
    • "Furcation": Moves cursor to record furcation.
    • "Mobility": Moves cursor to record mobility.
    • "Gingival margin": Moves cursor to record gingival margin.
    • "Plus <say 1-9>": Adds depths greater than 9.
    • "Stop Listening": Pause listening. Useful when you need to chat with patient.
    • "Start Listening": Starts the listening. Used to restart listening after having paused it.
    • "Stop giving feedback": Turns off system from repeating measurements.
    • "Start giving feedback": Turns system back to repeat measurements.

  3. Click the microphone icon to end recording measurements.

Voice controlled charting using other programs
Perio charting can also be controlled by voice using third party programs. Below are known solutions.

Dragon Naturally Speaking
Florida Probe
Dental R.A.T

Error: Unable to initialize audio input. Try plugging a different microphone into the computer.
Solution: No microphone was recognized by the computer. Check your windows microphone settings.


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