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Edit Payment Split Window 

The Edit Payment Split window allows you to manually enter payment split details. To open this window:

Note: When editing a payment split that is already attached to a procedure, the provider, clinic, and patient are grayed out. To enable editing of these fields, click Edit Anyway (user must have Setup permission).

Entry Date: The date the pay split is entered.

Payment Date: The payment date as entered on the Payment Window.

Amount: The pay split amount.

Unearned Type: Used for Prepayments or other unearned income. Unearned pay splits can not have an assigned provider (provider must equal 'none'). The default type is set in Account Module Preferences, Default unearned type for unallocated paysplits. Types can be customized in Definitions, PaySplit Unearned Types. Prepayment is always an option.

Clinic: If using Clinics, the clinic to assign this income to. Defaults to the clinic assigned to the payment.

Provider: The Provider to assign this income to. Click the dropdown to select by abbreviation or [...] to select by name. If 'none' the split will be marked as a prepayment.  If using Clinics and providers are restricted to clinics in Security, only providers available for the selected clinic are options.

Patient: The patient this split applies to. All family members are listed. To select a patient that is not in the family, check the 'Is from another family' box, then Select the Patient.

Edit Anyway: This button only shows when opening an existing payment split that is attached to a procedure. Click to enable the Clinic, Provider, and Patient fields so they can be edited. The Setup Permission is required.

Procedure:  Attach or detach a procedure. Click Attach to view a list of completed procedures.

You have these three credit filter options:

  • Include all credits (FIFO): Show all procedures that are not 'paid off' using first in/first out logic. This logic applies when credits in a payment are not explicitly attached/allocated to procedures.
  • Only include credits explicitly attached: Show all procedures that do not have enough attached credits (e.g. pay splits, adjustments) to cover the full cost of the procedure (e.g. procedures that have attached pay splits that only cover part of the cost)
  • Exclude all credits: Show all procedures on this patient's account.

Highlight the procedure to attach to the payment, then click OK. The procedure's payment information (e.g. writeoff, insurance paid, estimate, adjustments) will show for information purposes so you can enter the correct split amount to bring the procedure balance to zero.

Click Detach to clear a procedure.

Prepayment: Attach an unearned paysplit type to a prepayment. A list of unallocated paysplits will show. Double click to select. Click Detach to clear a prepayment.

Attached to Payment Plan: Check this box to attach this split to a Payment Plan. If more than one plan is set up for this guarantor, you may be prompted to select the payment plan.


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