Creating Patient Payment Plans

A patient can have multiple Patient Payment Plans and each plan can have a different guarantor. The responsibility for the payment always falls to the guarantor of the plan.

  1. Select the patient the payment plan is for.
  2. In the Account Module, click the Payment Plan dropdown, then Patient Payment Plan.

    For a description of all fields, see Payment Plan Window.

  3. Verify the guarantor of the payment plan. It defaults to the guarantor of the family. Click Change to choose someone different.
  4. Verify the provider and Clinic. Click the dropdowns to change.
  5. Click View Tx Credits to attach credits. The attached credits determine how much will be subtracted from the patient's balance.

    Note: You can attach credits for completed or treatment planned procedures, or attach credits not attached to procedures. We recommend attaching procedures so you can easily allocate payment plan payments to those procedures.

    A list of all completed and treatment planned procedures that have a patient portion due will open.

    See Payment Plan Procedures and Credits for a description of all fields.

    To attach a credit associated with a procedure:

    1. Highlight the procedure. Its details will populate the Credit Information fields.
    2. Make any needed changes.
    3. Click Add.

    To attach an unattached credit:

    1. Click Clear to deselect all items.
    2. Enter the credit information (date, credit amount, and any notes).
    3. Click Add.

    When all credits are applied, click OK to close the window.

    If the Total Amount on the Payment Plan window doesn't match the Total Tx Amt, you will be prompted to change the Total Amount to match. Click Yes to update the Total Amount. Click No to leave it as is.

  6. Verify and select the terms of the payment plan (Total Amount, Date of First Payment, Down Payment, APR, number of payments OR a fixed payment amount). Click More Options to select the frequency of payments (e.g. monthly, weekly, etc.).
  7. Click Create Schedule to create a amortization schedule based on the terms. The Note field will populate with the terms.
  8. Click OK to save the payment plan. The Tx Completed Amt will determine the credit amount applied to the account. Only completed procedure credits and unattached credits are included in the Tx Completed Amt. Once treatment planned procedures are completed, they are automatically applied to the Tx Completed Amt and credited to the patient's balance.

Also see Signing and Printing Payment Plan Terms.