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Payment Plans

In the Account module, the Payment Plans grid lists patient payment plans, insurance payment plans, and installment plans associated with the family.

Patient Payment Plans (PP)
Payment plans for a patient are essentially a loan, with responsibility for payment falling to the payment plan guarantor.

  • Attach credits associated to completed or treatment planned procedures, or attach credits not associated to procedures. The total amount of credits determines the amount subtracted from the patient's account balance. We recommending attaching credits for procedures so you can easily allocate payment plan payments to those procedures.
  • Payment plan credits, debits, and payments can show in the account ledger and affect balances and aging, or be treated as a separate entity depending on the Pay Plan Logic set in Account Module Preferences.
  • Close payment plans that are no longer being paid on. Any remaining charges will become due immediately.

Insurance Payment Plans (Ins)
Used to track expected insurance payments (e.g. insurance installment payments). For example, insurance may pay $1000 towards orthodontics, but pay it in four installments of $250 each.

  • The outstanding balance of procedures sent to insurance will be removed from the patient's ledger so the patient doesn't appear to owe money on those procedures.
  • Insurance payments for those procedures also do not appear in the patient ledger (otherwise the patient would end up with a negative balance).
  • Close payment plans no longer being paid on. Any difference between the outstanding pay plan charge and the amount insurance paid is moved to the patient ledger, making the patient responsible for any remaining balance.

Installment Plans (IP)
A simpler alternative to patient payment plans that allow you to bill patients an agreed monthly amount. Statements will show the fixed monthly amount due at the top. Additional charges posted after the installment plan creation date will not affect the monthly due balance, nor will missed payments.

For patient and insurance payment plans before version 17.2, see Payment Plans version 17.2 and earlier.


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