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Enter a Patient's Check, Cash, Non-Credit Payment

The process of entering a payment can vary depending on the Patient Payment Preferences you have set up. These steps assume you are allocating pay splits to procedures and provider.

In the Account module:

  1. Click Payment.

  1. Enter the payment amount and click OK. The Payment window will open.

  1. Clinics: If using Clinics, make sure the correct clinic is selected.
  2. Check #: Enter the Check number if applicable.
  3. Payment Type: Select a non-credit card Payment Type.
  4. Current Payment Splits: Verify that pay splits are allocated to the correct outstanding charges (patients, procedures, providers, clinics and/or unearned income type).
    • To modify a modify a pay split, double click it. See Edit Pay Splits.
    • To add a pay split, click Add Split.
  5. Click OK to post the payment to the patient account.

Note: Payments allocated to procedures for multiple family members will post to each patient account.


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