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PayConnect: Voids, Returns

When using PayConnect, a payment can be voided or returned.

  • Void: Reverse a sale soon after (same day) it was made.
  • Return: Reverse a sale one or more days after it was made.

Step 1: Find the payment's reference number:

  1. In the patient's Account module, double click the payment you would like to reverse.
  2. In the note, locate the ref number and amount and write it down.
  3. Click Cancel to close the screen.

Step 2: Create a new payment (see Process a Credit Card Payment).

  1. On the Payment window, enter the amount, then click PayConnect.
  2. Select the transaction type (Void or Return), type in the ref number (transaction ID), then fill in the remaining boxes with the same information from the original sale (PayConnect needs this for verification purposes).
  3. Click OK. 

The status of the transaction will be placed in the new payment note and the amount will be automatically negated. The purpose of having two different payments is 1) to show the patient there was a charge and 2) to show the return separately.


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