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PayConnect: Process a Credit Card Payment

When using PayConnect to process a credit card payment, follow these steps.

  1. In the patient's Account module, click Payment.
  2. Enter the payment Amount and any other information.
  3. If the credit card information (token) has already been stored, select the credit card to apply the charge to. If not, proceed to step 4.
  4. Click PayConnect.

  1. Select Sale as the Transaction Type. Sale is standard credit card charge.
  2. Enter the card information, or, if you are swiping a card, make sure the cursor is in the Card Number box, then swipe the card. The fields will populate with the information from the card. If using a card on file, the name and zip code stored on the Credit Card Manage window will populate the fields.
  3. To store the credit card number and expiration date as a token for future use, check Save Token. Set the default in Account Module Preferences.
  4. (optional) Have patient sign the transaction. See Electronic Signature Options.
  5. Click OK. Open Dental will communicate directly with the PayConnect server to process the card. Receipts are automatically printed once the payment is successful, or you will receive a prompt to select print settings.

Note: If using Clinics, the clinic selected on the Payment window will be used to process the charge.

When finished, a note about the transaction will be automatically added to the Payment window, Note field.

Two additional buttons will also show on the Payment window:

  • Print Receipt: Reprint a PayConnect receipt. To reprint a PayConnect receipt in Payconnect's payment portal, search for the transaction number, then manually reprint.
  • Email Receipt: Generate a PDF copy of a PayConnect receipt and Email it to the patient. A copy of the receipt is saved in the patient's Images module.

Duplicate Charges: By default, duplicate charges to the same card, on the same day, for the same amount will be denied. This is to prevent accidentally charging a card twice. To force processing of a duplicate charge, check Force Duplicate before processing the charge.

Signatures: If you capture electronic signatures, they will be stored with PayConnect.

Clicking Cancel on the Payment window after a successful PayConnect transaction will void the transaction. Then two payments (one for the sale and one for the void) will show in the Patient Account.


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