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Ortho Setup 

The preferences below affect options used for Orthodontics. Check a feature to turn it on; uncheck it to turn it off.

In the main menu, click Setup, Ortho.

Show ortho case in account module:

Show ortho case information in the ortho chart:

  • Checked: Show patient ortho info from the Ortho Case tab (PatOrthoInfo) in the upper right of the Ortho Chart.
  • Unchecked: Don't show ortho case information in the ortho chart.

Mark claims as Ortho if they have ortho procedures:

Use the first ortho procedure date as Date of Placement:

  • Checked: Automatically insert the date of the initial orthodontic procedure (Date Start on the Ortho Case tab) as the 'Date of Placement' on the Edit Claim - General tab when creating a claim that includes an orthodontic procedure (within the orthodontic Insurance Category Span).
  • Unchecked: Don't automatically insert the date.

Default months treatment: Set a default total treatment amount, in months, that shows on the Ortho Case tab (Tx Months Total) . If a patient's insurance plan is set to an ortho claim type of Initial Plus Periodic (Edit Insurance Plan - Ortho tab), this amount is used to determine the end date for generating periodic orthodontic claims using the Auto Ortho Tool.

Show Ortho Chart in appointment options:

  • Checked: Show a Go To Ortho Chart option when user right clicks on an appointment box. This box is checked by default if data exists in the Ortho Chart. Customize the text in Ortho Chart Setup.
  • Unchecked: Do not show a Go to Ortho Chart option.

Patient Clone: 

  • Checked: Turn on the Patient Clone tool.
  • Unchecked: Turn off the Patient Clone tool.

Default Ortho Auto Proc: If using the Auto Ortho Tool to generate claims, set the default procedure code that will be used on the claim and sent to insurance. The default it is D8670.auto, but you can select any procedure code. Click [...] to change.

Note: Only the first 5 digits of procedure codes are sent to insurance. The '.auto' portion of the procedure code is not sent to insurance. So while D8670.auto will show on the Edit Claim window, only D8670 is sent to insurance. Using a procedure code with .auto is optional, but doing so is useful to track codes used on auto-generated claims.

Consolidate Ortho Insurance Payments:

  • Checked: Block users from entering payments on claims created using the Auto Ortho Tool. If they attempt to do so, they will receive a message directing them to instead enter the payment as a supplemental payment on the initial procedure's claim (consolidating the payments).
  • Unchecked: Allow users to enter payments on claims created using the Auto Ortho Tool.

Ortho Chart Display Fields: Click Edit to define the tabs and columns that show in the Ortho Chart. See Ortho Chart Setup.

Ortho Placement Procedures: Define which procedures can be considered as the initial orthodontic procedure. The initial procedure determines the default Date Start on the Ortho Case tab and can optionally determine the default Date of Placement on the claim (see 'Use the first ortho procedure date as the Date of Placement' above). If no procedures are defined, Open Dental will attempt to use the first procedure within the code span D8080-D8090 as the initial orthodontic procedure.
To add a procedure to the list of initial orthodontic procedure options:

  1. Click Add.
  2. Select a procedure from the Procedure Code List.
  3. Click OK.

To remove a procedure, highlight it then click Delete.


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